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Is empathy now just a meaningless buzzword?

April 04, 2023 The Next Stage Podcast
The Next Stage Podcast
Is empathy now just a meaningless buzzword?
Show Notes

Although it might sometimes seem like another exercise in ticking boxes, there are leaders in the tech industry that believe in empathy as a business tool for fostering strong relationships with both customers and employees.

In this episode of The Next Stage Velia Carboni, Chief Digital and Technology Officer for VF Corporation and Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty, talked about the importance of empathy in the tech industry and business in general, and how it can lead to better products and services.

They also discussed how technology has enabled a more empathetic approach to managing a distributed workforce and how chat and instant messaging platforms can cultivate empathy between colleagues. 

Velia Carboni, chief digital and technology officer, VF Corporation and Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty were in conversation with Jared Lindzon, a freelance journalist with The Globe and Mail on the Corporate Innovation Summit (CIS) stage at Web Summit 2022.

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